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On Gratitude.

“Gratitude is a vaccine, an antitoxin and an antiseptic”- John Henry Jowett

I love this quote. It is so true. I came across it recently and it reminded me of how necessary it is for me to practice gratitude.

Something I learned from online entrepreneur, Lewis Howes is to end your day vocalizing three things you were grateful for that day. Usually, I share these things with my husband, and sometimes we take turns telling each other. Other times I will say them quietly to myself or in my head. When I am diligent about this practice, it makes a world of a difference in how I am feeling. When I am not expressing gratitude I find myself stuck in a rut, engaging in negative self-talk, comparing myself to others and dwelling on things from the past. It is NOT fun and I hate feeling this way.

Like anything, certain rituals can wear out and need a refreshment. This article from Barking Up the Wrong Tree, inspired me to savor moments. I am one to rush through the day, going from one thing to the next. My weekends are almost always packed full and are over in the blink of an eye. Making a habit of savoring an experience, whether it be unique or repeated makes me appreciate what I have and slows things down so I can truly enjoy life. For example, when I get home from the gym in the morning I have a list of things to do to get my day going, which is when my daily anxiety begins. Instead of diving right into these tasks, I will stop and look into the eyes of my little pup excitedly waiting at my feet. I will follow this look with a couple of minutes of playtime, cuddles or kisses. I savor this moment. I recognize that I will not have this opportunity and feeling with her forever. In these moments, the anxiety disappears and gratitude returns.

It is fact, people who practice gratitude are healthier emotionally and physically. I find it impossible to feel let down, negative, upset, etc.. when thinking about what I am grateful for. When I am mindful of this I feel a shift in my mind and body setting a positive tone for my behaviors and overall well-being.

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