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Favorite Podcast: The School of Greatness

Sometimes I find myself stuck in a rut, and even though I always find a way to get unstuck, it is a frustrating time. A few weeks ago when I found myself struggling I reflected on previous times I have felt that way. I wanted to recall how I came out of the feeling in order to move through the process more quickly. I have realized the number one reason I usually fall into this place is because I am not engaging in something interesting to me. When I stop engaging it is usually due to time constraints or burn out on a particular subject. Podcasts have been a tool I find helpful to re-engage. There are endless amounts of podcasts on all types of subjects, and what is great about them they are so convenient to listen to! Instead of listening to the radio in the car, checking Instagram while I am walking the dog, or having the television on in the background while I cook, I’ll simply tune into an episode from a favorite series.

A podcast I have found myself dedicated to is Lewis Howes’ “The School of Greatness”. Lewis has over 200 episodes of  interviews with entrepreneurs and experts on their experiences or knowledge and is always interesting and inspiring. Often times I hear others stories and I think “I can do that!”. I love that feeling, it truly invigorates me and helps pull me out of a funky place when I am in need.

Below are some of my favorite episodes from “The School of Greatness”. Check them out and check out others, to find what interests and inspires you!

Episode: How To Build a Business and Life You Love with Marie Forleo 

Why I loved it: This was the first episode I ever listened to. My husband heard it first and recommended I listen, as he thought I would relate to Marie. He was right, I listened twice in a row and go back to it every now and then. I was really stuck when I heard this episode and it changed my life. There are so many meaningful messages here, and for me the most powerful lesson I learned was engagement.  It made me realize I had to stop sitting around waiting for something to happen and needed to engage in things I enjoyed to get things moving. Once I did this, things started flowing and I gained clarity. So far, what I have learned has worked and kept me pretty happy!

Episode: How to Influence and Inspire People By Mastering The Personality Matrix with Chris Lee

Why I loved it: I am a sucker for a good personality test. I love to find out more about my personality and others personalities in order to better communicate and work with people. I took this test with some colleagues at a past job and in this episode, Chris is great at explaining the different personality styles in more detail. P.S. I am an “Analyzer”.

Episode: Leverage Your Strengths to Fascinate Your Audience with Sally Hogshead

Why I loved it: I am a big fan of Sally Hogshead. She developed another personality test I 100% believe in. This episode is all about finding out the advantages of your personality and how best to display them to others. The test helps you recognize your weaknesses too. My Primary Advantage: Prestige + My Secondary Advantage: Passion = “The Connoisseur”.

Episode: Create Powerful Habits That Make You Happy with Gretchen Rubin

Why I loved it: Gretchen talks about expectations and how specific personalities respond to expectations. (I believe I am an “Upholder” when it comes to expectations). She discusses how we can develop habits based on our personalities and life circumstances.

Episode: The Power of Clarity – 5 Steps to Achieving Any Goal

Why I loved it: Every once in a while Lewis Howes will do a solo podcast where he discusses topics specific to his experiences. I have found these episodes valuable as Lewis comes off as the type of guy I could be friends with, and has made it is easy for me to relate to him. In this episode, he teaches an exercise called, “The Perfect Day”. This exercise was difficult for me at first (mostly because I felt cheesy detailing every moment of my perfect day). However as I get the hang of it and went through it with a professional, I realize I am not far away from achieving my “perfect day” and uncovered little ways I can set goals to achieve my perfect day every day.