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thoughts on success.

Over the past couple of days, I have been drawn to articles related to success. I find myself spending hours getting lost in reading or hearing about others success stories and how they achieved greatness in their careers and lives. I am fascinated by the similarities in characteristics most successful people have in common, and sometimes am surprised by what I hear. A few qualities that stand out to me include:

Successful People Get Creative. They are resourceful and find ways to make the impossible possible.

Successful People Are Well Networked. They treat everyone they encounter as someone they should have a relationship with. They believe you never know who you may be talking to, and that person may be able to contribute to your life in a big way. They are willing to and can easily connect people together.

Successful People Are Well Balanced. They draw boundaries between their professional life and personal life. They find a balance between their relationships, work, spirituality, etc… They strive for a life of moderation.

Successful People Contribute. They realize success is not going to come from what they get, but what they give.

Successful People Have a Strong Sense of Reality. They know things are not always going to go according to plan, or that eventually there will be valleys amongst peaks. They prepare for this so they can react appropriately.

Successful People Have Successful Friends. They understand “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. They learn and benefit from those they surround themselves with.

Successful People Are Physically Healthy. They know their physical body is a shell to every other part of them that will bring success. They exercise, feed themselves proper nourishments, and get enough sleep.

Below are a few recent articles where I found these virtues come up time and time again, in successful people:

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