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Thursday Thoughts: thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving! I love Christmas, but as I have gotten older I have come to appreciate and adore Thanksgiving just as much. This year I have grown a lot and have used many different tools and practices to do so. The most impactful has been to make a habit of checking in daily (often multiple times per day) and practicing gratitude. Today as a nation we celebrate giving thanks, and this post will strictly be a list of 101 things I am grateful for. This is a personal list of what I give thanks for today and every day. Enjoy your turkey & see ya next week!



1. God & his bringing me to existence, and continuous love.

2. God’s plan for me, my faith in riding it out, and my ability to see his signs proving I am on the right path.

3. Knowledge of religion but the choice to believe what I want, and acceptance of others who believe what they believe.

4. A faith-based community of which inspires me.

5. Guardian Angels who keep me safe.



6. My husband. That I found him so young, and we have already had 13 years together.

7. His continued support & love.

8. The fact we make everything work out as long as we work together.

9. The timing of our relationship and events. Everything happens when it’s just right.

10. The way we have grown individually and as a couple.

11. The way he loves and cares for our dog, & what an amazing Dad (to humans) he will be.

12. His work ethic. How hard and passionately he works to support us.

13. Date nights

14. A kiss in the morning and a kiss at night.

15. Holding hands.



16. My parents and the love and spirit they have for me. How they brought me up.

17. My brother who cares and loves everyone around him so deeply.

18. My sister who has no judgment and accepts me no matter our differences.

19. My parent-in-laws. I am fortunate to have 4 to love and love me back!

20. My sibling in-laws. Each treating me like one of their own from the very beginning.

21. My deceased grandparents. How they loved & what they taught me.

22. My grandparent- in-laws. That I still have them to nurture me as one of their own.

23. My extended family on both sides. There are so many of us to celebrate!

24. My Paisley Girl, who brings me, love, laughter and smiles every single day.

25. My God Children & the fact their parents picked me.

26. Talking to my mom almost every day.



27. The best group of friends on the planet. Our Village. Our Tribe. Forever Friends.

28. The beautiful, smart and creative women friends in my life.

29. The guys married to those women, who treat me like a sister.

30. Friendships that no matter the distance between us never fade, & grow stronger.

31. Friendships of which we may not talk often, but it’s as though nothing ever changes.

32. The laughter and memories made between friends.

33. Friendships that form from other friendships.

34. Feeling free to be 100% myself around my closest friends, with full acceptance.

35. Seeing prosperity, love and success existing in friend’s lives & watching it grow.

36. Being a part of the biggest moments of friend’s lives & having them be a part of mine.

37. My BFF moving to San Diego.

38. Friends generosity.



39. My health, my husband’s health, my family’s health, my friend’s health.

40. Having the discipline to get up each morning to exercise.

41. That I am able-bodied to participate in physical activities.

42. Having the strength to make sure my mental health is as healthy as my physical.

43. My love for all foods, especially healthy nutritious food.

44. My female health, and the opportunity as a female to birth life.

45. My ability to fall asleep quickly and most of the time get 8 hours of sleep!

46. My teeth & my braces from teenage years, I get many compliments now!



47. Finding my purpose and passion and pursuing that as a career.

48. A job that pays very well, and allows me flexibility and balance.

49. A boss who believes in me and is respectful.

50. Colleagues and those I learn from and am supported by on a daily basis.

51. Clients who give me an opportunity to make more money!

52. Continuously learning new things that inspire me.

53. Working from home.

54. Those who have impacted my career, whether I worked with them or not.

55. Those who come to me for career advice, I learn from you too!



56. Living in the land of the free. The most accepting and supportive country there is.

57. My home. A home that keeps us warm, and we’ve been able to make our own.

58. A neighborhood that is safe, and allows me to walk to almost anywhere.

59. Our neighbors who look out for us and are fun!

60. San Diego. Fair weather. Peaceful People. Seeing the ocean every day.

61. California. Can get nearly anywhere in a matter of a day. It’s beauty.

62. A fully stocked pantry and refrigerator.

63. Beautiful pictures and things in my home bringing me joy daily.

64. Living close to our family, but still allowing for our independence.

65. Our comfy bed, and my hubby and pup to help keep it warm.

66. My Christmas ornament collection to remind me of all the places we have traveled.

67. Running water and solid plumbing in our home.



68. Having the means to have traveled to many cities, nationally and internationally.

69. Dos Pueblos Ranch, where we got married and share many family and friend memories.

70. My car and other means of transportation.

71. Ability to go out to eat, drink and partake in many events and activities.

72. My gym and Pilates memberships along with the amazing trainers that keep me fit!

73. Affording things and treatments that make me feel pretty.

74. The means to be generous, whether it be making a donation or buying a gift.

75. Reliable friends and daycare to watch Paisley when we are away.



76. All the teachers I have had in my life through school, work, and personal settings.

77. My college degree, and that I studied something I loved even if it was not that practical & alma mater The University of Arizona!

78. The new knowledge I am learning through a personal development program.

79. The enormous amount of books, podcasts, blogs and more I learn from daily.

80. The choice I make to continue learning as much as possible as often as possible.



81. The internet for obvious reasons.

82. My IPhone for a million reasons including its camera, entertainment & navigation.

83. My Kindle. Makes reading convenient.

84. Amazon Prime. NEXT DAY FREE SHIPPING. Boom!

85. Skype & Facetime. I can see my sister when I talk to her while she is abroad.

86. Uber.

87. Bluetooth in my car.


Entertainment :

88. Judd Apatow. His movies are the only ones I can watch over and over.

89. E! News, US Weekly, sometimes accurate celebrity media outlets are necessary

90. Showtime. Homeland, The Affair, Ray Donovan. Can’t get enough.

91. Bravo! I love me some Housewives and Andy Choen. Thanks for the entertainment.

92. The Movies. Going to the theater. Indulging in popcorn and a diet coke.



93. Red Wine & Craft Cocktails.

94. Coffee & Tea. On occasion a cold brew or skinny vanilla latte.

95. Sushi, Pizza, Cheese and frozen yogurt (my vices).

96. My daily gratitude journal, for keeping me in check.

97. Good customer service.

98. Forgiveness.

99. Airport security. Police. Firefighters. Pilots. Everyone who works to keep us safe.

100. Mail. Specifically receiving holiday cards or a handwritten note.


Most of all:

101. Today.



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