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Friday: this week’s favorites

I’d like to acknowledge the great loss and horrific tragedy our world, and France experienced one week ago. When I heard the news I was out wine tasting with girlfriends. It did not really hit me, nor did I take the time to get more information until the next morning. I feel selfish for not taking some time to understand and instead going about my day as if nothing had happened. I realize how easy it is to disregard something when it does not hit on your home land, and this opened my mind to pay more attention to foreign affairs. The first thing I did Saturday morning was text my sister who lives in Nantes, France. I sent my condolences to her for what happened to her new home and her boyfriends native. When she responded she told me how strong Islamic culture was in France, and how racism is quickly growing, and she is fearful the attacks will not stop. It sickens me that still, in today’s age we live in a world with such extreme terror and hate. How is it possible, after all, we have done to get as far as we have? And even worse, people that bring hate and violence into the world are able to establish a following and expose their beliefs through the media and social media. I actually contemplated not even writing this bit, because it was giving them more attention. If we want things to change as a whole we need to lead with love. We need to lead with kindness. We need to lead with an understanding of others. We need to lead with acceptance of cultures. And when I say understanding, and acceptance, I do not mean to accept some people are filled with hate and violence, but to understand and accept that we are all different, we are all unique and that is okay. If we were able to better understand and accept each other there would not be such rage. To let racism live in our world today is not acceptable. To let violence live in our world today should not be tolerated. The most powerful thing we can do is to love. Given that Paris is the city of lights, I’d like to leave you with this quote…

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Lead with love this weekend and forever. My prayers for our world, our people, and for terrorists like ISIS to find the love and let go of the hate.

The key to success. Be Nice. Be Positive. Be Caring. Be Supportive. Be Inclusive. (Susie Moore)

I kept this in mind when I bought a bag of groceries for the homeless this week. (marc & angel HACK LIFE)

You are just as worthy in the beginning than the end. (Thoughts By Natalie)

Love this advice, especially Brene Brown’s on acceptance. (Cup of Jo)

A deaf couple reflect on 47 years of marriage. Beautiful. (Aeon)



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  1. Katelyn Katelyn

    I love your perspective here and am so glad you did decide to share it. My family in Paris shares your sister’s sentiment and fear and I’m sure hundreds of thousands around the globe feel it every single day. All the more reason to live in love, to lead with light and to offer acceptance.

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