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Friday Reads: this weeks favorites

The first month of 2016 is complete! This month kind of dragged on for me, and I am really looking forward to February.  I had a few sleepless nights this week, fueled by anxiety but leaning on others for a new perspective helped put my mind to rest. I hope this weekend is filled with time spent reading, finishing this book along with starting and finishing a couple others. Also looking forward to some celebratory events with close friends and family. Have an awesome Friday!

I have always believed in a higher power, and recently developed a stronger connection with God. Growing up, I communicated with God through memorized prayers. Now I prefer more candid conversation. Allowing myself to pray this way sometimes can bring in distraction. I found this article on prayer to be helpful in focusing during prayer. (Soliloquium)

Last week I listened to this podcast and it covered the topic of living and abundant life. So when I came across an article about rich people who don’t feel rich it made me think how important it is to live with abundance rather than wealth. (Lewis Howes) (Linked In)

An article on redefining happiness. The key, help others. (Fast Company)

Habits vs. Routines. There is a difference. I prefer a routine. (TIME)

Inspiring essays on creative breakthroughs. (New York Magazine)


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Friday Reads: this week’s favorites

Hello! Goodness, I have to be honest this blog has not been a big priority of mine these days. I really would like it to be, but I have a few other projects which have been taking a precedence. Now I am challenged with finding the right balance between those projects and this blog. Balance is a funny thing, as it takes a lot of work to find and even more to maintain. I felt great when I was posting daily but eventually became worn out, leading me to neglect the blog. And now, after a few quiet weeks I miss writing and posting on a regular basis.

For me the key to balance is to check in with myself on a regular basis, recognizing if and how I should refocus.  Lately, I have been trying to focus on what feels right and starting there. I figure if I can fuel myself with what I enjoy most I will have more energy to go after everything else I want to accomplish. What do you think? What do you find helps you find balance in life?

A few favorites from this week:

It is never too late to reinvent yourself! I learned this from one of my favorite books “Choose Yourself“, by James Altucher. (Susie Moore)

I recently wrote a letter to a stranger and hand delivered it to someone I did not know, so this article warmed my heart. (Tiny Buddha)

Speaking of finding balance, I came across this old article on how to achieve the “Golden Mean. The most valuable point I see is addressing your own personal needs. (Pick The Brain)

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Friday Reads: this week’s favorites

I take on a lot at once, it is usually how I tend to thrive. Going from task to task, getting things done, checking things off my list. Lately, though, as I have been trying to focus on more meaningful work I have found myself overwhelmed by my usual tasks, and pressure to do things perfectly. It has been too much. I need to adjust my focus to what is most important. This blog is very important to me, but so is another big project I am working on. Mixing these two projects, with my full-time job, personal commitments and overall busyness of the holiday season has really worn me down. I have noticed change physically and emotionally. Already I have suffered from two colds this month. I am not producing the type of content I want to produce on my blog. I have not been editing my posts, I have not been reading as many articles as I’d like to. My head is not clear enough to fully learn everything I want to learn in order to make my other projects thrive. So this week, as you have probably noticed I did not write any thoughts or true stories. All that was found here were links. It took a lot for me to decide to only write when I felt up to it. When I felt inspired. When I felt I could do it right. And that is the decision I have made is to put my energy equally into things I care about, at least during this busy time when there is a lot important to me. Next week I will only be posting links, the week after I am taking a break. In the New Year, I look forward to sharing this blog with more people, and actually doing it how I want and dream to do it. So for now, this is my last writing of 2015. Wishing us all and abundance of prosperity, love, success, health and safety in 2016.

8 Life Secrets. (Thought Catalog)

This post reminds me to savor even the little moments. (Feld Thoughts)

Loving this interview with Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity. (Harvard Business Review)

These tips are exactly what I am taking to heart this holiday season and what is helping with what is mentioned above. (Susie Moore)

And as stated before, I found I was running out of steam and these were the signs I noticed. Really looking forward to a little recharge before 2016! (Positive Prescription)

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Friday: this week’s favorites.

It is funny to me how on years end I feel two things. First believing an entire year has gone by again, having trouble letting go of everything the year brought. Second the opposite feeling of hope and aspiration for the year to come. I notice towards the end of the year I pile in plans  as if I only have this year to have those experiences and forget that there too will be time in the next year. Does anyone else do this? With that being said these last few weeks of 2015 are looking very busy. Instead of dwelling on the years end or trying to pack in, even more, I am going to appreciate and savor these next few weeks and all that is going by.This weeks favorites:

These days by evening time I have definitely hit decision fatigue. Maybe it is time for a decision detox in 2016! (Marie Forleo)

Starting a business or pursuing any dream can be hard. These tips are helpful. (The Every Girl)

Be sure to live YOUR life, and make sure to pay attention to these 12 tips. #2 & #3 I couldn’t agree more. (marc & angel HACK LIFE)

Ryan Holiday’s most recent post is in line with my Tuesday post. (Ryan Holiday)

My very favorite read of the week. Finding an understanding of yourself and acceptance of others is the key to life. (Thought Catalog)

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Friday: this week’s favorites

I felt out of my element this week. Maybe because my schedule shifted from weeks prior, or maybe it was coming off the long holiday weekend, or this unsure feeling I was getting sick or not. I am not sure exactly how to pinpoint how I felt, but I look forward to starting fresh again this weekend leading into next week.

Some of this weeks favorites…

The Golden Rule. (Lolly Daskal)

I follow some of these tips regularly. (the Positivity Blog)

Speaking of work-life balance yesterday, this article is all about making a living of something you are passionate about. (Paid to Exist)

Watch and listen to Marie’s interpretation of Chuck Swindolls famous quote “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it“. (Marie Forleo)

A powerful law. (Proctor Gallagher Institute)


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Friday: this week’s favorites

I’d like to acknowledge the great loss and horrific tragedy our world, and France experienced one week ago. When I heard the news I was out wine tasting with girlfriends. It did not really hit me, nor did I take the time to get more information until the next morning. I feel selfish for not taking some time to understand and instead going about my day as if nothing had happened. I realize how easy it is to disregard something when it does not hit on your home land, and this opened my mind to pay more attention to foreign affairs. The first thing I did Saturday morning was text my sister who lives in Nantes, France. I sent my condolences to her for what happened to her new home and her boyfriends native. When she responded she told me how strong Islamic culture was in France, and how racism is quickly growing, and she is fearful the attacks will not stop. It sickens me that still, in today’s age we live in a world with such extreme terror and hate. How is it possible, after all, we have done to get as far as we have? And even worse, people that bring hate and violence into the world are able to establish a following and expose their beliefs through the media and social media. I actually contemplated not even writing this bit, because it was giving them more attention. If we want things to change as a whole we need to lead with love. We need to lead with kindness. We need to lead with an understanding of others. We need to lead with acceptance of cultures. And when I say understanding, and acceptance, I do not mean to accept some people are filled with hate and violence, but to understand and accept that we are all different, we are all unique and that is okay. If we were able to better understand and accept each other there would not be such rage. To let racism live in our world today is not acceptable. To let violence live in our world today should not be tolerated. The most powerful thing we can do is to love. Given that Paris is the city of lights, I’d like to leave you with this quote…

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Lead with love this weekend and forever. My prayers for our world, our people, and for terrorists like ISIS to find the love and let go of the hate.

The key to success. Be Nice. Be Positive. Be Caring. Be Supportive. Be Inclusive. (Susie Moore)

I kept this in mind when I bought a bag of groceries for the homeless this week. (marc & angel HACK LIFE)

You are just as worthy in the beginning than the end. (Thoughts By Natalie)

Love this advice, especially Brene Brown’s on acceptance. (Cup of Jo)

A deaf couple reflect on 47 years of marriage. Beautiful. (Aeon)


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Friday Reads: this week’s favorites

November is the start of the busy holiday season. This year I am trying to stay steady and not let the business of the season take over and get the best of me. My festivities this year start this weekend with our annual “Friendsgiving”  three-day celebration. Instead of worrying about what needs to get done, I am taking a little break to eat yummy food, drink lots of wine, dance a little and most importantly spend time with those outside of my family that are dear to my heart. I am always grateful for my friendships, but this weekend I’ll be sure to express my gratitude directly to them.

This essay by James Altucher reminds me to look at the positives of what may seem like a negative situation. (James Altucher)

Susie’s tips on happiness are so true. (Susie Moore)

I’ve got to keep this tip in mind: Mindfulness relieves stress, even with daily tasks. (Positive Prescription)

Doing the right thing is more important than things being fair. (Lolly Daskal)

Lessons From Audrey Hepburn. (The Positivity Blog)

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Friday Reads: this weeks favorites

Happy Friday! I started this week off with a bang, accomplishing so much on Monday. Followed by a mid-week work trip and a couple more days of getting tons done. Looking forward to the weekend with time spent reading and relaxing.

Multigenerational Family Influences, is an area I have been interested in for quite some time. Being mindful of this, has truly changed my behavior in my family system.  (Lorna Hecht-Zablow)

Forming Habits, Practicing Gratitude, Continuously Learning, Taking Risks, Acceptance & Vulnerability = Courage. (The Change Blog)

Made me think about my reactions when something goes wrong. (Ryan Holiday)

Many days I write down a list of affirmations for the day, often times one will be similar to “I will not allow distractions“. This article should help with that! (Fast Company)

Speaking of distractions, Marie Forleo’s Marie TV this week discussed how she says NO to distractions. (Marie Forleo)


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Friday Reads: this week’s favorites.

Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes“. I kept singing that tune this week because a lot of changes are on the horizon. I have what seems like a lot to accomplish in a short period of time, and it is going to cause a lot of change to my schedule. It is no secret I get anxiety about change in my day to day routine, but reminding myself of the good that will come from extra demands on life in the next few months, helps. Just like every other time things have changed I adapt, it takes a little time to get into a new groove, but I am looking forward to it.

Here are this weeks favorites. Oh yeah, Happy Halloween!

Advice from a female billionaire. (Susie Moore)

Speaking of anxiety building up, I think this tactic will help relieve some stress. (Positive Prescription).

Lessons Learned by Marie Forleo. (Marie Forleo)

I used these three tactics in making some recent big decisions. (The Change Blog)

Puts things into perspective. (Tiny Buddha)



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Friday Reads: this week’s favorites

I am not sure what it was about the last few days, but they seemed to fly by. I was able to finalize some of the serious decisions looming over me, so perhaps having a clearer vision made the days less long. I look forward to seeing what will come from my choices and continue to receive signs I am headed in the right direction.

This weekend I am wishing for lots of rest, cooler temps (not likely) and a strong start to next week. Have a good one!

Having trouble staying positive? It’s okay, there are things you can do to help. (Tiny Buddha)

Wise words from a wise woman. Numbers 2, 11, 13 & 21 are some of my favorites. (Alex Kang)

My husband always says to ask for what you want & so does Susie. (Susie Moore)

Quick tip to stop worrying… Get outside and get some fresh air! (Positive Prescription)

Don’t let failure get the best of you. (Think Simple Now)

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