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Friday Reads: this week’s favorites

After returning from vacation almost two weeks ago, I have been non-stop busy. I enjoy being busy, but if I could cut out a third of what keeps me busy life would be so much more enjoyable. Of course, those things are mostly household related, like grocery shopping, laundry, etc… I have a few important decisions to make and a lot to keep in mind. I feel like a weekend break to not think about those things will bring clarity come Monday.

And now for this week reads:

What does success look like to you? I defined success for me this week, and it felt good! (Pick The Brain)

How to be popular and authentic. (Medium)

I definitely used to be externally motivated, since taking a step back from a highly structured corporate environment I can say that has changed. (Positive Prescription)

I keep reminding myself, “I am just where I need to be”. (Marie Forleo)

Great tips for when you are feeling like you are in a funk. I have been incorporating many into my life when I hit a slump. (marc & angel HACK LIFE)

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Friday Reads: this weeks favorites

You may have noticed a lot of what I posted this week was old news… well not that old, only a week or two. I could not pass up on sharing information I read, which I did not have time to post while on vacation, so instead I went through the past couple weeks worth and decided what I liked best to share. Hope you do not mind! Anyway, here are some favorites collected over the past couple of weeks. Happy Friday.

This post, on podcasts, pairs nicely with what I wrote a couple months back. (Game Quitters)

Something I said my husband does, this writer does too. (Design For Mankind)

This was given to me as a gift, and it has me asking these very same three questions each night (Positive Prescription)

This short post made me think of my actions sometimes. (Gretchen Rubin)

I have been trying to remember to hit pause. It helps. (Lolly Daskal)

As stated before, I tend to dwell. This reminded me to stop dwelling and start winning! (Life Optimizer)

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Friday Reads: this week’s favorites

Happy Friday! I’m taking a vacation for the next ten days spending free time exploring new areas, visiting with loved ones and nesting my head in a few books, so look for new posts the week of October 5th. I am already looking forward to catching up on information I’ll be missing when I return. In the meantime here are a few of my favorites from the week.

Ain’t this the truth. (Proctor Gallagher Institute)

I am by no means a master, but work tirelessly to communicate more effectively in my relationships. (Art of Manliness)

Overcoming my anxiety has been a constant battle, however, I have been asking myself the same questions in tip #1 of this article and its worked wonderfully. (Pick The Brain)

A saving grace as a struggling perfectionist. (The Positivity Blog)

A very important reminder. (Thought Catalogue)

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Friday Reads: getting through the week.

This week has been tough for me. I found myself distracted each day, and hours flying by and not feeling very productive. Perhaps it was coming off a long weekend, or the stress of making a lot of important decisions. Whatever it is I hope by weekends end it has been overcome and I can move on into more focused days. If I am still challenged with the difficulties it is okay, I know I will snap out of it, as long as I remember the importance of my mission to learn and discover tools that help me be my best self daily.

Below are a few articles I have used as inspiration to help me get through the week:

Why Pursing What You Love is PRACTICAL! (Susie Moore)

5 Steps to Change Your Perspective and Overcome Your Challenges (Tiny Buddha)

Are Your Insecurities And Flaw Holding You Back? This Can Help… (Play With The World)

How To Make A Career Map That Actually Works (Fast Company)

Don’t Believe Anyone Who Tells You Your Past Doesn’t Matter (Thought Catalogue)

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Friday Reads: this week’s favorites

I really loved what I was reading & watching this week. Enjoy a nice long weekend!

Marie was out for a few weeks on her summer hiatus. I love the question she asks in this week’s video. I often ask myself the same and have concluded on a similar answer. (Marie Forleo)

I enjoyed writing Tuesday’s post. This article on vulnerability was one of the “signs” the universe was sending me! (The Change Blog)

wrote about this a while back and keep finding that practicing savoring is a quick trick on becoming happier. (Barking Up The Wrong Tree)

Over dinner this week, my husband and I were talking about time management, and how to get it all done. A strategy we discussed was saying NO more often. (The Tiffany Han)

I consider myself to be a highly sensitive person. I used to look at it as a sign of weakness, but now I fully embrace and am proud of this characteristic. This article put it in perspective. (marc & angel HACK LIFE)

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Friday Reads: this week’s favorites

This week a lot of what resonated while reading also came up in my life. See below to get the gist:

This article on mindfulness would have been very helpful when talking with a loved one this week. (marc & angel HACK LIFE)

I finished a good book this week and have been thinking about reading this next. So, when I came across James Altucher’s article it resonated. (James Altucher)

Goes in line with what I wrote on Tuesday (PICK THE BRAIN)

Which are you when adversity knocks on your door? (NY Meta)

I met with an executive at a Fortune 100 this week, he mentioned integrity is more important than education or intelligence when it comes to hiring new employees. I have to agree. (Lolly Daskal)

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Friday Reads: this week’s favorites

Reading these stories brought some perspective and light into my week. (marc & angel HACK LIFE)

Like pain, boredom is a part of life that brings change & growth. (aeon)

Unnecessary worry plagues me —  I constantly work on relieving worry and this helped. Be sure to watch the vlog! (Positively Positive)

I really like what Cam says, about questions you can ask yourself when in a funk. (Kingpin Lifestyle via YouTube)

The always entertaining & wise James Altucher, answers questions I have been wanting to ask myself! (Product Hunt)

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