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Lara’s Links: Monday

Last week I felt very accomplished and attribute the weeks success to a few productivity skills I have learned over the years. I am always looking for more ways to be productive, and during my reading last week I learned quite a few new ideas (which especially help when feeling challenged).

Here is a round up of information I found useful:

Heading Out On Your Own-Day 5: Create A Weekly Attack Plan (The Art of Manliness)

5 Ways Weekends Can Boost Your Productivity Monday-Friday (Entrepreneur)

Mid-Year Review: Making the Most of This Year (life optimizer)

How To Wake Up On Fire (Paid To Exist)

Thinking About Giving Up? Read This First (Inc.)

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Lara’s Links: Wednesday

A few inspiring reads, quotes & ideas to enlighten your hump day. (Inc. and their contributors really spoke to me today).

12 Things People Regret The Most Before They Die (Inc.)

Give and You Will Receive (James Altucher)

Why You Still Haven’t Taken The Plunge and Followed Your Dreams (Inc.)

Blame Is What Is Tearing You Down (Lolly Daskal)

10 Hopeful Quotes That Will Help You Through Challenging Situations (Time & Entrepreneur)

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